Concept – Social Circuits

• The core of a human society is just a collection of electrical brains of individual humans connected with different medium of interaction.

• The various day to day interactions in a society create “potential prints” in the memory of a brain and are the basis of all the actions of an individual. The higher the interaction the greater will be the potential of the memory print in memory of the brain and will further generate more interest in the same activity.

• Any action of an individual, is always a response to a perceived situation in a brain. The situation could be current, historical, future foreseeable or a combination of the three. The response depending on the type of situation will show a time lag relationship such as in resistive circuit, inductive circuit or capacitive circuit.

• When individuals interact in a society they create a physical flow of energy in a social system and communication / information flow is one such form of energy. This information flow will follow all the natural laws of physics –

1. Information flows from higher potential to lower potential. The potential of events and individuals are a function of “potential prints” in the memory of the brain.

2. The potential of a event generates a response from an individual and the response would be proportionally equal to the potential of an event.

3. The barriers to the information generate resistance to the flow of information and will have damping effect on the corresponding response.

4. The information will flow through the path of least resistance.

5. Information is power and the measure of this power would be the product of potential of the event and the net response to the event.

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